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Thornburg Machine offers the best options for the parts you need custom made with high quality, exacting precision to your drawings and specifications and our broad experience helps us deliver cost saving recommendations to you. Our parts are manufactured with the highest level of dimensional accuracy and ability to hold tight tolerances. We work with a wide range of production metal and plastic materials.

The Right Equipment for Any Job

With our extensive lists of equipment, you will see that we are more than capable in completing your project. We transform your drawings into accurate precision parts. It is done right the first time, every time, we take the care to fully understand your job requirements and specifications.


Apex Wide belt Sander
with Oscillating Brushes
36” wide

Davi Plate Roll ½” x 10’

Hankwang FL3015 4000WL
60×120 Table

Hankwang Koba 4000WL
60×120 Table

Mitsubishi EX Plus 4500WL
60 x 120 Table

Amada 6000WL
FIBER 60X120 Table

Ermak 193 Ton
12’ Press Brake CNC 6 axis

Accupress 60 Ton
6’ Press Brake CNC 4 axis

Accupress Shear
10’ ¼” capacity

Whitney Punch 630

American Hole Wizard
Radial Drill 4’-11” COL

Lathe Icon

Machining (Lathes)

Mazak Super Quick Turn 15 Multi Task Lathe with Bar Feeder

Mazak Nexus 100-II M Lathe

Mazak Quick Turn Smart 350

Mazak Quick Turn Smart 250 with Bar Feeder

Mazak Quick Turn 35 Lathe

IKEGAI ANC-56 CNC Lathe Swing 36” x 156”46”

Bullard VTL

Milling Icon

Machining (Milling)

Mazak Nexus 510C-II Vertical Machine Center 4th Axis

Mazak Nexus 530C Vertical Machine Center

Mazak Smooth 530C Vertical Machine Center

Mazak AJV-32 Mill

Mazak VQC-20/40A Mill

Mazak Power Center H-25N Mill

Union Horizontal Boring Mill

Fellows 7-25 Gear Shapers

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